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What will my child eat while attending?


At the Co-op we promote the healthy growth of the children inside and out. We serve organic milk (whole milk for ages 1-2 and 1% from 2 on up) and we use fresh organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains whenever possible. Water is always available and children are encouraged to drink throughout the day. We are a peanut-free facility, offering a vegetarian menu. We can accommodate most allergies and food preferences.


We provide breakfast which consists of cereal, fruit and milk. Each year we host a “PJ and Pancakes Day” where children and staff show up in the pajamas and are served pancakes with warm berries on top! It’s a big hit with the kids.


Families are asked to bring in a healthy well-balanced lunch that is low in sugar. Lunch items need not be vegetarian. Please mark your child’s lunch with his or her name. Lunches are kept in the refrigerator in each classroom.


After naptime, children awake to a healthy mini-meal which is larger than a snack and smaller than a meal. Some examples of mini-meals are: stir fried rice with veggies and tofu, red lentil soup with whole grain rolls, and tomato soup with toasted cheese sandwiches. We vary our menu often and change with the tastes of the children and the seasons. We try to use produce from our p-patch when available. Families are encouraged to submit snack ideas that reflect their cultural background.


Here are some examples of what we serve (these are some of our actual past snack menus):


Sample Breakfast Menu [PDF]

Sample Mid-Day Snack Menu [PDF]

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