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Parent Requirements

What do I need to do as a parent?


The Co-op provides quality care at a full range of hours and your involvement and support are crucial. Parent participation enables the Co-op to incorporate a wide variety of parent skills in each child’s day, as well as a family atmosphere. This structure also provides you as a parent a special opportunity to participate in your child’s world.


As a parent at the Co-op, your responsibilities will include working as a staff member in your child’s classroom, attending parent meetings workshops on a semi monthly basis, business meetings and work parties, and other Co-op activities. You will be asked as part of your work in the classroom to wash snack dishes, read to or play with a group of children, accompany another parent or teacher on excursions, wipe down tables, mix paints – whatever is needed, when it is needed.


Expect to work in the center 2 hours a week if your child is enrolled 4 or more days each week, 1.5 hours a week if they are enrolled 3 days each week, and 1 hour if they are enrolled 2 days each week. If you will miss your scheduled parent work hours, you must let the teacher know in advance and you will need to trade hours with another parent  to work your hours when you are unavailable (due to vacation, illness etc).  A late fee will be charged for being late or failing to find another parent to take on your hours.


In order to allow for adequate coverage of the work schedule and to protect the Co-op financially, you must give 30 days written notice if you are withdrawing from the Co-op. If this notice is not given, regardless of the reason for withdrawal, you will be liable for tuition fees and the missed work hours. Fees cannot be refunded after payment is made.

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