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Email Lists

The Co-op uses email lists communicate with the membership -- general news, school closures, curriculum plans, field trips and other announcements, etc. Each family will be added to the full Co-op list as well as a classroom-specific list for each classroom in which they have a child.

Keeping Co-op emails out of your spam folder

In their perpetual quest to make our lives easier, spam filters occasionally misbehave and hide emails from us that we want! This happens from time to time with Co-op emails, so if you use GMail, we recommend that you follow these instructions to set up a filter to prevent Co-op emails from going to your spam folder.

First, download the file that you'll need by clicking here. It will save a file called "coop-is-not-spam.filter" to your downloads folder. Next, open your GMail settings:

Then go to the Filters & Blocked Addresses tab:

Then, click "Import filters" which will reveal a new section, click the "Choose File" button, choose the "coop-is-not-spam.filter" file you downloaded in the first step, and click "Open file"

You will see a single filter that tells GMail to not send any emails going through mailing lists to your spam folder. Click "Create filters" to complete the process:

You should now see your new filter:

And you're all done! You can close the window now and stop worrying about Co-op emails going to spam!

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