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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is due by the 5th of each month, and may be paid automatically.  Your tuition covers breakfast, two mid-day snacks, and the overall day-to-day needs for your child (excluding diapers). Our membership votes on our budget, and new tuition rates take effect every July.

Tuition Rates + Parent Hour Commitment

sun room
12mos—2 yrs

star room
2—3 yrs

3—5 yrs

full time

+2 hrs/wk

+2 hrs/wk

+2 hrs/wk

4 days/wk

+2 hrs/wk

+2 hrs/wk

+2 hrs/wk

3 days/wk

+1.5 hrs/wk

+1.5 hrs/wk

+1.5 hrs/wk

2 days/wk

+1 hr/wk

+1 hr/wk

+1 hr/wk

Drop In Rates

The full-day drop in rate for all classrooms is $100.

Drop in days are for families who are currently enrolled or who have been enrolled in the Co-op within the past 12 months.

Late Fees and Fines

  • Late Fine: (late for parent hour shift or after 5:30pm pick up) $1.00/minute
    Late parent hour fine is payable to the Co-op, late pick up charges will be added to your next month tuition statement.

  • Late Tuition: 5% of balance if not paid by the 5th of the month
    Exceptions must be approved by the director prior to the 5th of the month.

  • Missing Mandatory Meetings or Work Party: $50*

  • Check Returned by Bank: $20.00


Parent Hour Procedures

Notify your teachers the Thursday prior to your need for a substitute.  Please help find a substitute to cover your parent hours.  If you are ill, please be sure to notify the office so we can help you find a substitute.


*Each family can miss one mandatory meeting without a fine. Work parties are mandatory and will incur a fine if not arranged prior with the director.

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