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Star Room

Ages 2 to 3.5 years
6 to 1 child to teacher ratio.

Star Room

The Star Room was created with the intent of it being a “transition” room for children between toddler and preschool age. The Star Room children engage in activities that are more complex in nature compared to the Sun room. Communication skills are emphasized in this room due to the leaps in language development that occur during the second year of life. Social Development is emphasized as play becomes more cooperative in nature toward three years of age. The physical development of older two and young three year olds is such that they are engaging in more complex gross and fine motor activities. Interest in pretend play is supported by the use of more complex dramatic play props than used in the Sun Room (for playing work and family roles and animals).

Teachers facilitate the development of these skills by providing and maintaining a wide variety of appropriate materials, activity areas, pets and other equipment. As attention spans grow, time is set aside before lunch and in the late afternoon for a short group time (songs, stories, discussion). Star roomers are at a stage of independence and limit testing. The one to six ratio provides the means for teachers to maintain a proper balance of freedom of activity and decision-making, and adherence to the “rules”: respect property, yourself and others. Toilet training occurs in the Star Room. We take a relaxed approach and find that interest in participating with peers combined with positive reinforcement by adults is a sufficient motivator for most children.

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