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Scrip and Shopping


It’s easy to help support the Co-op doing things you would normally do! The links below will get you started with a variety of programs that families can participate in throughout the year.

Gift Cards

The Great Lakes Scrip Program allows you to order cards for places that you normally shop for food, gas, clothes, etc., and have between 2% and 16% of your purchase donated back to the Co-op. If you’re interested in placing an order, check with the fundraising chair. Some cards, like Whole Foods, and most gas stations, can be reloaded, so you don’t have to order a new card. Visit to view the full list of available merchants. While you’re there, you can also set up online payment (ask the fundraising chair for the enrollment code), which lets you order e-cards and reloads any time of the month.

PCC Scrip Cards

If you shop at PCC using a scrip card, 5% of your purchase will be donated to the Co-op. Scrip cards can be re-loaded at the grocery store checkout (for exactly your grocery purchase price if you wish), or they can be re-loaded online at Ask the fundraising chair if you would like a card.

Bartell Drugs

Bartell drugs has a loyalty card called a “B Caring Card”. You can get one at any Bartells location, and then register your card with Any purchases you make with your loyalty card will earn up to 4% for the Co-op.

eScrip Dining

Besides the Bartells program mentioned above, eScrip has a dining program. If you register your credit cards at, certain Seattle restaurants will donate 2.5% to the Co-op, or up to 5% if you submit reviews. There are about 160 restaurants in Seattle participating in this program:

Scholastic Book Club

Buy your books through Scholastic and the Co-op will earn points that can be used to purchase new books for the classrooms. Contact Meghan or check your parent pocket to get your classroom code and start ordering books at

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